A Better Template for Info Anytime, Anywhere


How do you take an old version of SharePoint that was difficult for employees to use and turn it into something employees can benefit from?


Alston Bird is a leading national and international law firm that develops, assembles and nurtures the strongest and broadest array of legal talent and expertise necessary to meet our clients’ needs in an ever-changing and fast-paced environment.

Alston Bird attorneys and staff were finding it difficult to find anything of value with their current dated SharePoint portal, and wanted a nicer and easier-to-use template. Since their current template wasn’t connecting well with their employees, we researched what they wanted the most. We then took the common elements of what employees wanted and connected them to an updated template in SharePoint that not only looked better, but allowed employees to customize their dashboard by allowing them to add the content they specifically wanted.


Alston Bird now has an updated and better-looking template on SharePoint that benefits their employees and allows them to access the kind of they content they need at anytime and anywhere.

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