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In today’s evolving market, there are a number of exciting opportunities for law firms to stand out within the legal landscape. With the growth of the internet, companies are beginning to adapt and shift to a more User Centered Design approach that better connects with their most valued customers and clients, setting them apart. This approach is how we deliver all of our websites and marketing; it’s a major evolution, and can give your firm the edge it needs to stand out from the competition.

User Centered Design is about creating marketing from the perspective of how it will be most easily understood and used by your clients, rather than requiring that your client adapt to your way of thinking. Nearly all law firms organize themselves by ‘Practice’ and ‘Industry’; that system is easy to understand for lawyers, but not so much for the layperson. Your small to mid-sized clients may not have in-house counsel, and may be looking to solve specific business challenges related to multiple practice areas and industries. By utilizing User Centered Design, your information will be laid out in a way that is accessible to a wider audience, growing your customer base.

By defining your audience first, you also provide your marketing strategy the insight needed to develop advertising that attracts new business based on client needs and motivations. Adding to the current ‘Practice’ and ‘Industry’ marketing structure, your firm can use dynamic content that educates your best client on how you are a firm with practical, business-minded counselors who know how to help leaders create, grow and protect business value.

Creative Mischief can enable your firm to benefit from a User Centered approach that aligns content to the needs of its best client. We can deliver a highly interactive and educational website while providing a simple-to-administer solution that can be managed by your existing team. Work with us, and designate your firm as an innovative leader within the legal and business community.